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Adagatla Textiles , is engaged in the field of Terry Towels in jacquard designed as per your required sizes, weight, designs and colors. We can supply Terry Towels like Kitchen Towels, Face Towels, Bath Towels, Hand Towels, and Jacquard Beach Towels. We can also supply Sheared (Velour) Towels produced from Rapier Looms (Shuttleless). Adagatla Textiles established in 1999 with the vision of achieving its goal of being one of the leaders in terry towels, is one of the most trusted companies in terry towel manufacturing.

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We stress highly on quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Our designing and manufacturing process arebased on the consumer requirements and interests.

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We Provide Best and Wide Range Designs of Terry Towels and Napkins.

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Murli Solid

Tulsi Solid

Priya Cabana

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Murli Dark

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